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If you're looking for something to do in P-Town on Saturday night, come and get 'Loaded'

So as summer turned to fall which is in the process of turning into the inevitable winter of discontent, there is a bright spot in this diminishing populace of a place and it's name is Loaded.  Local cool cat Erik Hansen and recent seasonal LA/NYC transplant Cesar Padilla of the SS Cherry teamed up Wonder Twin style to form music in the shape of indie underground post punk electro and a dance floor in the form of a disco dance party.  And the results are, well, something that only a dynamic duo of this magnitude could pull off.  

Each and every Saturday night from now until who knows when these dudes will be spinning the proverbial tracks that will get even the wallfloweriest back up off the wall.  You can catch a ride on this multi-dimensional magic carpet downstairs at the Governor Bradford, which for those of y'all who aren't from around here, is located at 312 Commerical Street. (Which, incidentally, is smack dab in the middle of effing everything.  When you roll into town you will practically fall into it if you're not super careful.  Which I'm totally not which is how I found this fabulousness in the first place.)  Go there, dance your ass or the body part of your choice off, and then remove all articles of clothing (optional).  If you care to thank me, you can actually do so in person.  With beer <wink>.

DJ Erik Hansen

Be forewarned that DJ Erik Hansen likes to play music that makes people want to take off their clothes.  No lie.

Even the island of misfit toys has a frat party

The other night I found myself, quite by accident, sitting at the bar at John Dough. It was one of those nights that morphed into something entirely different than what it started out to be and suffice it to say that the vintage couture Estrada number I was wearing was more like a neon sign that screamed 'I'm not from around here' very effing loudly. And I have to say, ? number of Heineken's later, it really didn't matter. Sweet nostalgia filled the air with groovin' hits from the 90's (Yes, there were some. I suppose.) which fortunately excluded the good ole' Macarena and Electric Slide. Bad taste can be good up to a point and it appeared that the mixmaster of the room was well versed in the position of this imaginary line.<< MORE >>

Hey mom, this Sunday I went to 'church'!

So last Sunday when I was looking for a rabbit hole to hurl myself into I had the good fortune to run into Pauline from Map who wholeheartedly recommended I get my ass to church that night. And sweet Jesus, was I glad I did. Now just like everything else in these parts, church just ain't no regular thang. Held in the Grotto Bar in the basement of Enzo, local religious leaders throw down everything from the Rolling Stones to southern gospel which pretty much leaves the entire congregation speaking in tongues by the end of the evening. My only sadness is that I found the 'lowered' on the night he was getting ready to hibernate for the winter season. But I have no worries that I will commit enough sins in the interim to be much in need of a confession when and if this revival sets it's tent back up in town. Snakes and all.<< MORE >>

Need cool clothes for some hot times? Better find Map on the map then.

Always on the lookout for sources to feed my clothing, shoe and accessory addiction I very happily stumbled upon Map while floating down Commercial Street on the way to where the land meets the sea to write yet another round of bad poetry.  And what a great little diversion it was! 

Proprietor Pauline has every nook, cranny, crevice and crater of this place filled with what can only be described as gourmet clothing.  Have a yearning for 51 flavors of Levi's? Addicted to eclectic pendants?  Wanna be too sexy for your shirt?  Then look no further than 141 Commercial Street because all of your wildest dream will come true in this tiny tasteful shop extraordinaire.  Hell, even the usually-not-something-I-would-wear sweatshirts have a fashionista like me screaming 'Thank you sir, can I have another?'

So the next time you come to town, pack lightly.  Because you will most definitely want to leave room in your luggage for all of the groovy goings-on you will almost certainly pick up after you follow your feet to Map.  Trust me.

Map Clothing Provincetown

Next time you're skipping down Commercial Street in Provincetown, stop at number 141 and buy something magical at Map.

Sometimes it's really the people that make the place

So if the rule of thumb in real estate is location, location, location then the rule in locations is the people make the place. And the ratio in Provincetown of awesomeness to assholes is quite exceptional. In fact, once the tourists leave, this place pretty much gets pretty close to the mythical land of asshole zero known only in Mother Goose rhymes and National Geographic shows set in indigenous rainforest tribal regions where none of us speak the language so we really can't even tell if they're being assholes to each other or not so pretty much this much awesomeness only exists in faery tales. And here.<< MORE >>

It's showtime!

So the other night I was lucky enough to witness yet another end of the season journey into the fantastic via the fabulous show 'Showgirls'. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm just sayin' that a video is probably worth a million. So rather than make a feeble attempt to describe this awesomeness, I'm a-gonna show you. Click on the little green arrow in the squarish thing below. You'll be awfully glad you did. I promise. << MORE >>

I think everyone who swam for life has superpowers of some sort

So last weekend over four hundred of the bravest souls I have ever seen set off on an especially windy I-know-it's-still-September-but-this-is-New-England-so-it's-practically-winter day to go for a swim in the always nippy waters off of Long Point to raise some duckets for the Provincetown Community Compact in the Annual Swim for Life event. And like always in these parts, there was just enough magic in the air for these folks to not only face the task at hand with the quintessential yankee spirit, but to do so with smiles, chants, cheers and more than one or two of 'yee-hahs' and 'right ons'. << MORE >>

Cool crap like this only happens, well, here

So as a newbie to Provincetown I was told, then told again and told one more time that I would need to see these, er, dudettes in this band called Space Pussy before I could ever even be considered for full blown P-Town Peep status. And even though they were playing on a school night and it was way past my bedtime I figured I had better go as this was billed the last show of the season and I ab-so-lute-ly did not want to wait six or more months to award myself this FourSquare badge that only exists in my mind's eye. And boy was I glad I did<< MORE >>

If you wanna get lucky I strongly suggest stopping by Lucky Dog

So as a vegetarian who does not like vegetables and a person whose ideal meal is pairing anything dipped in Velveeta with a bottle or five of Opus One 1987, it is next to impossible for me to find something that completely satisfies my every food desire and dalliance. (Which, btw, I ultimately blame my half-hippy, half-redneck big girl in a small town let's burn marijuana logs in the fireplace because we can't be bothered to chop up real firewood upbringing for my peculiar tastes in food and, well, everything else, but quite frankly that's a post meant for a different kind of blog.) And let's face it food is food for both the body and the soul. Or it least it should be.<< MORE >>

Can't find the perfect party dress? Don't despair: grab onto something ab-fab at the SS Cherry!

So as I get ready to settle into my new neighborhood I am (of course!) making a list (well, more like 72 lists) of things that I need and don't need to do, acquire, avoid, buy and build. Sharing top billing with where the eff am I going to find a good bottle of wine is how am I gonna get my fix of glam to groovy party-wear just in case I ever get invited to go anywhere by anyone. And although I haven't quite found the answer to the former, the latter pretty much fell into my lap quite by accident when I ran into SS Cherry proprietor extraordinaire Cesar Padilla while out and about. And boy was I glad that I did.<< MORE >>